Saturday, July 20, 2013

R.I.P.D. review

This movie is basically Men in Black with dead people.
R.I.P.D. is the new sci-fi action-comedy directed by Robert Schwentke, who directed Red. it's about a cop named Nick Walker (played by Ryan Reynolds) who is killed by his scheming partner (played by Kevin Bacon) and is sent to the Rest In Peace Department or the R.I.P.D. The R.I.P.D. are a bunch of dead cops who hunt down evil dead guys, called Dead-Os . Dead-O's are bad guys who died and escaped judgement and cause chaos. So, Nick is partnered up with Roy (portrayed by Jeff Bridges), who's a lawman from the Old West, and together they try to kill some dead guys and solve some confusing case involving gold, an ancient staff, and Nick's old partner. Yeah, it's a weird movie. So, going into this I didn't really know what to expect besides what I saw in the promos. It was a lot stranger and complicated then I originally thought. R.I.P.D. has a lot of problems with it. Besides the really weird parts, it was very predictable. I saw a lot of things coming. The script, while interesting was full of plot holes and as I said, was incredibly predictable. And yes, it was just way, way too similar to Men in Black. Most of the acting was sub-par, although Jeff Bridges gave a funny and entertaining performance as Nick's partner Roy. Even though Bridges was essentially doing the same Rooster Cogburn character he did for True Grit, he's still fun to watch. Mary-Louise Parker was also pretty good as Nick and Roy's boss, Proctor. Other than them, the acting is just mediocre. Kevin Bacon is usually a very good actor, but he's wasted here. Ryan Reynolds is also just mediocre but it's not like anyone was expecting an Oscar-caliber performance out of him, especially in a movie like this. One thing that is good about this movie is the direction. Robert Schwentke was able to swiftly move the camera along and create scenes that weren't boring at all. Sure the plot was incredibly silly and the script sucked, but at least it was exciting.  The CGI is nice but it's not as mind-blowing as one would expect. Considering you can make a movie like Pacific Rim nowadays, the CGI is kind of disappointing. Apparently, R.I.P.D. is based on a graphic novel. I can see how this story could thrive in comic book format with a good writer. In movie format it just fizzles. Now, say you forget everything I just said. Say you forget everything you know about a good film. Then go see this movie with your kids just to kill some time on a hot summer afternoon. Then, you may enjoy R.I.P.D. Only to some extent though. There are a few mistakes in this movie that are impossible to forgive. It was a good idea but it was done very poorly. R.I.P.D. is a bunch of flashy images and borrowed ideas, mixed with some well-known actors, and packed into a very short and forgettable popcorn flick. There's some element of enjoyment here but, it's lost in all the silliness. Hey, at least it's better then Grown Ups 2. I give R.I.P.D. 2.6 out of 5 stars. Happy Viewing. You can follow me on Twitter @WhitsMovies and like me on Facebook at              

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