Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monsters University review

I think a plot where the screams of frightened children are harvested for energy shouldn't be in a children's movie.
Monsters Inc. was a fun and enjoyable animated film that could stand alone as a Pixar classic. Money is tight these days and creativity is low so the guys over at Disney Pixar decided to make a prequel to the 2001 favorite. Monsters University didn't need to be made. It probably shouldn't have been made. Yet, it was made. Now prequels and sequels that really didn't need to be made usually suck. The Star Wars prequels, Batman and Robin, and every Paranormal Activity movie except for the first one are examples of this. Surprisingly, even though it was unnecessary and had some flaws, Monsters University was halfway decent. The plot of the movie is that before their days as buddies at Monsters Inc., they were college students trying to get a degree and get in with the popular kids. Mike, voiced by Billy Crystal, is an overachieving student who really wants to become great at scaring. Sully, voiced by John Goodman, is a slacker who just rides on the reputation of his successful father. Through a strange turn of events, Mike and Sully have to win a contest called the Scare Games to stay enrolled at Monsters University. So first off let me say, if you are expecting WALL-E or Toy Story kind of material here, don't see the movie. Or at least drop those expectations because this is certainly no Toy Story 3. Monsters University has a lot more flaws then some of Pixar's other films. There definitely isn't enough back story with the characters. We get a little bit from Mike, but Sully just comes out of the blue and he hardly gets to explain where he came from or what his life prior to Monsters University was like. The plot is also pretty predictable. Most of the movie I saw coming. Honestly, the writing was just okay. Although, I don't think Monsters University was made with critics in mind. The film's real purpose (besides making money) is to entertain. Entertaining is exactly what the movie does. It was enjoyable, interesting enough, and killed a couple hours without boring me. It's not gonna blow you away, but Monsters University gives you a good time. If you're looking to just have a fun time at the movies without having to really think to much, this is the movie for you. But remember, it's no Toy Story 3. I give Monsters University 3.4 out of 5 stars. Happy Viewing! You can follow me on Twitter @WhitsMovies and like me on Facebook at Facebook.com/WhitsMovies!    

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