Friday, May 31, 2013

#tbt A Serious Man review

Happy Throwback Thursday!
Also, sorry I didn't get this review up yesterday. Anyway, A Serious Man is a 2009 black comedy directed by the Coen brothers. It's about a physics professor named Larry Gopnik, whose life is falling apart after a series of unrelated incidents. The Coen Brothers are probably one of my favorite directors. They've done so much good stuff like The Big Lebowski (a truly great film) and True Grit (one of the few good westerns made in the past 10 years). I didn't expect anything less from them from this. A Serious Man blends a perfect mix of great direction, a subtly hilarious script, and more than decent acting to create a really good movie that I'd watch again and again. This movie has so many great things about it. It's really no wonder it got nominated for Best Picture back in 2009. This film has all the slow comfort of a Wes Anderson movie with all the funny situations and black comedy of a Coen Brother's movie. The film takes a concept as regular as a divorce and makes a funny series of events that spiral off of that one event. It's terrific. Micheal Stuhlbarg, who I've only seen before in a small part in Seven Psychopaths, did a great job here. He portrayed Larry Gopnik's sheer confusion and sadness that was his reaction to his life so damn well, I honestly think he deserved at least an Oscar nomination for this (although he did get a Golden Globe nod). Fred Melamed, who I don't believe I've seen in anything, did a great job as Stuhlbarg's character's wife's lover. He was very funny in the role. Well written and original scripts are rare today, but Joel and Ethan Coen deliver one not to forget! This great film has a terrific script, some good performances, and is one I'd surely watch again. If you have any recommendations for my next #tbt review, just email me at Also don't forget to follow me on Twitter @WhitsMovies and like me on Facebook at!

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