Sunday, June 2, 2013

Now You See Me review

I wish I didn't see it.
Now You See Me looked great on paper. It had so much potential. It had Academy Award nominated and winning actors like Morgan Freeman, Woody Harrelson, Micheal Caine, and Jesse Eisenberg to name a few. The plot sounded intriguing. A group of cool magicians pull off heists for the greater good? Who doesn't like heist movies? Ocean's 11, The Usual Suspects, and Snatch are all highly entertaining and awesome heist films. Everything about this movie sounded incredibly cool and exciting, I couldn't wait to see it. Then I did. And it was very disappointing. The movie turned out to be bloated and annoying. It wasn't even very fun to watch. The whole thing was filled with plot holes and loose ends. There was also a lot of random and unnecessary information just thrown in there. The movie is predictable and just plain badly written. It starts out with a very cliche technique of introducing the character's personalities and then bringing them together through some "unforeseen" event. The whole entire movie is predictable like that. The twists and "shocking reveals" are nothing more than very predictable plot devices to trick the audience into thinking it's a good film. One of the worst parts of this movie is the waste of talent. There are so many talented actors and actresses here but none of them are used to their full potential. Melanie Laurent, who was awesome in Inglorious Basterds, is completely wasted here as the female partner and love interest of Mark Ruffalo's character. Speaking of Mark Ruffalo, he is almost always good! The guy's been nominated for an Oscar and yet he is also wasted here. His acting is really just sub-par but that's because the script gives him nothing to work with. Same thing with the other greats here. Acting legends Morgan Freeman and Micheal Caine seem to be nothing more than just attractions here. Just big names to draw a crowd. It's a shame because they are usually so great! Together in The Dark Knight Trilogy they did amazing! I suppose in a way this whole movie is an illusion. Just a barrage of colors, twists, and famous people to make you believe it's a good movie when truly it is not. Now You See Me? I wish I didn't. I give Now You See Me 2 out of 5 stars. You can follow me on Twitter @WhitsMovies and like me on Facebook at Happy Viewing!


  1. Good review Whit. The ensemble is fine, but the movie isn't concerned with them or any type of character-development really. It's all about the plot, the twists, and just how many times the movie can mind-fuck us into thinking it's so smart and twisty. Which, trust me, it isn't.

    1. Thanks! I totally agree. It could have been great but wasn't. Like I said, the movie gave the illusion that it was good, (pun intended) while it wasn't good at all.