Thursday, January 17, 2013

#tbt Sin City review

A dark story line, character narration, a murder, and a little bit of violence. These are the components that make a good noir film. Sin City has all of these. Sin City is directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller and it stars Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, Jessica Alba, and Rosario Dawson. It's based on the graphic novels by Frank Miller. Sin City is kind of awesome. It's fairly well scripted and the scenes are shot and edited to look darker and almost like a comic book. It is also very noir. The whole movie is dark (literally and the cinematography) and focus's on certain characters as they narrate their story. Bruce Willis plays Hartigan, a cop on his last day on the job chasing a murderous pedophile but gets into more trouble than he bargained for, Mickey Rourke plays Marv, a tough guy looking for his girlfriend's killer, Clive Owen plays Dwight, an ex-criminal with a new face who is trying to keep peace and help his friends. Hit men, corrupt cops, filth, and  danger lurk in the streets of Basin City, better known as Sin City. Happy Viewing.
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