Saturday, October 27, 2012

Argo review

Terrific. That is the one word to describe Ben Affleck's new thriller Argo. Ben Affleck sure has come a long way from Daredevil and Pearl Harbor. Gone Baby Gone was good, The Town was better, and Argo is a masterpiece. Basically, Argo is about six people who escape the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran and are being sought after by Iranian revolutionaries. Ben Affleck's character named Tony Mendez creates a plan for the C.I.A to get the    people called "house guests" out of Iran. His plan is to disguise him and the house guests as a film crew scouting an exotic location for a science fiction movie called Argo. Ben Affleck is great as the troubled Mendez, and Alan Arkin and John Goodman shine as Hollywood celebrities who help Tony Mendez out. I especially liked Rory Cochrane in his role (Scanner Darkly shout out!). My suggestion? See Argo ASAP! I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Check for a new #tbt review next Thursday! Happy Viewing!

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