Thursday, November 1, 2012

#tbt The Raven review

Ah, Throwback Thursday time again. This Thursday I am reviewing the Gothic thriller The Raven starring John Cusack as legendary poet Edgar Allen Poe. In this movie A series of murders are committed that are based on Poe's macabre poems and stories. Basically a murder is committed and the detective realizes it's based on an Edgar Poe story, finds Poe to help with the case, more murders happen, Poe's fiancee is kidnapped by the killer, and a dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues. I liked this movie but I didn't love it and I certainly didn't hate it. John Cusack is good as the alcoholic poet and it isn't boring. It does however have a slightly depressing ending so be prepared for that. Watch this movie if you are looking for some easy suspense but not a thought provoking masterpiece. Keep watch because I may review a movie today or tomorrow. Happy Viewing!

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