Sunday, August 18, 2013

2 Guns review

I'd like to see this same movie, but starring 1991 era Mark Wahlberg.
 2 Guns is about friendship, betrayal, and dirty cops. Mostly, it's about Denzel and Marky Mark kicking some serious ass. The actual plot is that there are two undercover cops, one DEA and one navy, who rob bank thinking it's all drug cartel money, when really it's dirty CIA money. Shootouts and car chases ensue.
You know how everyone loves Mark Wahlberg when he does these great dramatic roles like in The Departed and The Fighter? Well, 2 Guns is in no way a serious role for Wahlberg or Washington. It's a fun and jokey action movie and in a way, it works. 2 Guns is directed by Baltasar Kormakur. He last did Contraband, also starring Mark Wahlberg. I really didn't like Contraband. It felt much too boring and cliche for me. I just couldn't get into it. I love Mark Wahlberg and I think Denzel Washington is great also. When I heard about this movie I was excited. When I heard Kormakur was at the directorial helm, my excitement deflated a little. But wait! Maybe it was because of my generally low expectations, but I really enjoyed this movie. It was pretty well written, well acted , and an awesome final shootout in the desert (Sam Rockwell's character in Seven Psychopaths would've loved this). As you may have heard, the chemistry between Denzel and Marky Mark is part of what makes this movie so damn enjoyable. Although the actors do fine on their own. Wahlberg more than holds his own as Stig, a Naval officer who got ripped off by his superiors. He's witty, very likable, and good with a gun. Cool as a cucumber. Washington is great too as Bobby Trench, a DEA agent who's in love with a fellow officer. He's almost just as funny with his own aura of badass. They're the two best in the movie and certainly who  we came to see, but the supporting cast is alright too. Bill Paxton plays this southern CIA dude, and was actually pretty funny in the part while also remaining vicious. James Marsden is alright as a straight-laced Navy officer who isn't who he seems. Paula Patton is also in this movie, but she's not very notable. Patton's character is just a pretty face and a plot point. I don't know if she's actually a good actress but she's not given much to work with here. Other than that, the film is fairly well written. It's quite smart and interesting and didn't bore me for a minute. Sure sometimes it falls into action movie cliches, but it picks itself back up and just gets better. Now I know this isn't a "great" film or whatever, buts it's entertaining as hell. Most of it's flaws I'm able to just dismiss. If you're looking to kill a couple of hours and you don't want to see something crappy like Paranoia or Kick-Ass 2, see this. I honestly thought 2 Guns was worth the $11 movie ticket. It's nowhere near perfect but it's awesome and really enjoyable. I give 2 Guns 3.7 out of 5 stars. Happy Viewing! Remember, you can follow me on Twitter @WhitsMovies and like me on Facebook at!   

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